About Us

We are invested in your success. We share your commitment to problem-solving and accelerating growth by focusing on practical solutions that address the core challenges you face. 

Our process puts you at the center. Our solutions are bespoke and designed to meet your needs for impactful change that is sustainable.

Our Values

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A round platter with malida in the center, surrounded by orange slices, strawberries, pear slices, banana slices, and grapes, with a small bowl of red rose petals, held by a blurred person in a red sari with gold trim and black top

Malida: Origins

Malida is a traditional ceremony of thanksgiving unique to our founder's community. The ceremony is a way to show appreciation for joyful lifecycle events such as births and weddings, or to celebrate significant milestones, such as a return to good health, professional success, or moving to a new home.

Malida is also the name of the dish served at the ceremony. Made from crumbled rotis or pounded rice, malida is sweetened with jaggery or sugar and enhanced with cardamom, coconut, raisins, and nuts. Topped with rose petals and served with five additional fruits, the malida platter represents a harmony of colors, textures, scents, and flavors.