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Our Name

Malida is a traditional ceremony of thanksgiving unique to our founder's community. The ceremony is a way to show appreciation for joyful lifecycle events such as births and weddings, or to celebrate significant milestones, such as a return to good health, professional success, or moving to a new home.

Malida is also the name of a dish served during the ceremony. Made from crumbled rotis or pounded rice, malida is sweetened with jaggery or sugar and enhanced with cardamom, coconut, raisins, and nuts. Served on a platter, malida is topped with rose petals and served with five additional fruits. The malida platter represents a harmony of colors, textures, scents, and flavors.

Rose petals in a bowl, refers to the meaning of Malida

Our Team

Our team of practitioners has deep expertise in executive coaching, organization effectiveness, diversity, equity, & inclusion, culture change, executive team alignment, leadership, and people & talent. We bring global experience across multiple industries, including tech, biotech, life sciences, consumer products, financial services, retail, professional services, and real estate. All of our coaches have completed extensive coach training programs, are certified in various assessment tools, and are accredited through the International Coaching Federation.

Natasha Kehimkar, CEO

Drawing on over two decades of experience in global HR and talent across tech, biotech, consumer products, and life sciences, Natasha is a seasoned C-level executive with non-profit and private company Board experience. She has led and participated in tough conversations with Executive Teams and Boards and recognizes the challenges companies and their employees face. An accomplished speaker, she has presented at numerous conferences and events.

Natasha currently serves in Board member and advisor roles in non-profit organizations and private companies. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology, a Master's degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations, and is a certified professional coach.

Photo of Natasha Kehimkar

Malida Advisors is a certified Minority Business Enterprise, in accordance with the certification guidelines set forth by the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

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